BUG - Montana's Eternal Flame

I was playing Advanced Hardcore (Private) Story mission 4, The Archive.

Our Group consisted of Thorn Thorn Montana Miko.

About halfway through (definitely after the Chronicler started gathering the upload guys), I’d gotten set on fire (as Montana), and persisted to be on fire. I was on fire for about 2-3 minutes. Then the “flame” went away and I continued to take damage until I died.

This almost cost us the game (which would have been SUPER frustrating).

I’ll try to grab the game-id when I get home.

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This is a known bug that they know of I thought it was mainly supposed to be fixed by now.

Please enter a support ticket so that they are aware it is still happening.


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Done and done. Thanks, Derch!

Do you know if it’s a specifically Montana issue, an issue with that map, or a combination?

Its not specific to a character, I had a friend get it with ISIC and we were talking to a dev about it a day after.

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Ok, neat. I thought that maybe it was in interaction with “Feelin’ the Burn” and the environmental fire.

I’ve only experienced this bug as Montana, myself.