BUG* Moze Iron Bear and Melee

So I recently did some testing and discovered Iron Bears melee attacks don’t proc anything related to melee. Artifacts, anoints, nothing. Neither the “press F aoe melee”, nor the melee arm attacks.

Please make my dream a thing Gearbox? <3

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But the only annoint that boosts melee damage is “on action skill end”?

I’m not talking about melee damage boosts, I’m talking about procs. For example, a white elephant, it will not proc the stickies. Can’t get terror in iron bear from melee attacks either, or any other thing that melee would proc. The attacks simple don’t count as melee(or our gear is not being considered while in IB), but they also don’t crit so I’m wondering just what they count as.

Can you imagine how fun it would be applying AOE stickies in iron bear using a blast master build? Pls gearbox <3

As a side request, it would be nice if the terror mechanics also actually worked with Iron Bear.