(bug) No characters if the first one disconnected

After you select your characters, they are shown against the enemy team characters in a single screen.

If one of your teammates disconnects and happens to be the first one listed, then your team’s characters are not shown at all. Moreover, this screen seemed to have lingered about three times longer than usual, before the game finally started.

This happens for all characters after the disconnected player, it doesn’t matter the position they are in. As you can see from my screenshot (which is on the PS4), the disconnected player is the second one, so it’s them and those after that are missing, the first player still shows.

I’m surprised that this hasn’t been fixed yet, I’d have thought that it would be relatively straightforward to just show nothing for the disconnected player and then show the rest correctly.

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Ive also noticed this on PS4

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, it’s been filed in our bug database!

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@Scottv @JoeKGBX would it be useful to you guys to have a Bug category in the Battleborn section? That way users would have one place to post about bugs and you guys would have one category to keep an eye on for bug reports.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

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This is a good use of the support subcategories for each platform.

Yeah, sounds great!