[BUG] Only 47 Skill Points on respec

I respeced my character at level 50 and instead of giving me back the 48 skill points it inly gave me 47. Ive tryed restarting and respecing again but it still only gives me 47. Im at max rank and have completed the story. Whats wrong?


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BL3 is a bit different then pervious games so I understand how you may be a little confused as to why you only have 47 Skill points when you got your action skill at level 2. Allow me to clarify.
You only get a total of 47 points. When you reach level 2 you unlock your 3 main Action skills which do not require a point to use unlike the previous games :smiley: I hope this clears things up

I have two different characters at level 50 one has 48 points and the other only has 47. They are both amara. How does does one have more than the other?

All of my friends have a total of 48 Skill points too. Also if theres 50 levels and you start at level 1, and you dont get one at level 2, then 50 - 2 = 48. So I should have 48 not 47.

Sorry head math went wonky there for a bit. Maybe I shouldn’t be on the forums before going to bed XD. That is peculiar. I would submit a request at https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us?mobile_site=true if you have a shift account you just sign in and fill in the fields.
If not you will need to sign up. I hope it gets sorted our for you soon.

Wanted to add my Amara only has 47 points at 50.

Checking in.
Just hit level 50 with Amara, and I’ve only got 45 skill points. Only played couch coop with my brother and he’s got 47 points at level 50 as FL4K. [Xbox One]

I’m level 50 and I have only have 23 skill points I’m flak Also I’m on xbox one

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Hey there, im on PS4 console and having the same problem…will tracking this threads from time to time for an update. There’s a new update for PS4 console but still no changes in that…sigh

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Just respeced my level 50 amara and only got 47 skill points back on Xbox One. Any way to fix this?

Sup, yeah having same problem just seen a video on a build for amara and seen the guy have 48 points, I have 47, truly unfair if the game is like this, bs paid 274 for this, haha whatever man

Just had this happen as well. Xbox one x. Went to respec my skills and only have 47.
Playing as fl4k lvl 50.

Same here, lvl 50 and only 47 skill points to spend. Has anyone found out how to fix this? Btw I also have a friend with same issue on ps4

This is silly when will this be fixed??? level 50 with 47 points here. I had 48 yesterday -_-

Really? How? and what’s ur platform? PC or PS4?

Xbox 1

This issue occurring for me as well. Just respec’d and noticed only 47 skill points returned. I’ve respec’d a few times, so not sure how long I’ve been affected. I only noticed because I wanted to try out a custom build online and was a point short when building. PS4 - Amara.

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