Bug or Feature?

I can equip a weapon which outlevels me?! :open_mouth:
Probably because it’s a mission item which requires me to equip it, hahah! :smiley:

yeah, its because it is a mission item.

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Yeah… make sense… I realised after posting…

anyone else notice that flaks fadeaway is listed as 15s but if you take a stopwatch to it you barely get 5-6 seconds . hardly fair please fix

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you have Guerrillas in the mist augment. it shortens the duration, but lets you fire more than 3 times.

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ok so having the big game skill dosent increase the duration then ?

heres my build let me know if there are wasted points

Some missions weapon you can keep. Hang it on your wall in sanctuary then turn mission in. Then you can take it off the wall and use it.

And… I got it…

After using the sellout to set myself on fire, I am using this gun, doing triple elemental damage attack with Amara, it wrecks! :smiley:

No big game only increases the duration of HUNTER skills, as the description says. If you want to increase the duration there is a skill called “persistence hunter” in the master skill tree.

thanks ! know if LNT is still busted ? also would megavore be a better choice over power with in ?

Depends what your build is honestly. If you are using rakks its probably better to have power within as you can have it up pretty much all the time. If you are running a crit build however and Fade away, megavore might be better because of flaks crit calculation.
If you are solely running bosses fade away and power within is probably the biggest burst. But pretty much both skills are really good so its player preference :smiley:

well doing tvm atm so probably mega would be better for mobbing , since i dont have any of the cool legandarys so make the builds realy pop for me yet

Yup that sounds about right, have fun and dont forget to ask people on the forums if you get any new problems :smiley: