Bug or GPU Issue?

I have a problem.

Since the dlc and the last update i get an irregular black area on the monitor which moves dynamically while playing. This does not happen immediately, but randomly after some time. This disappears every time after about 10-15 seconds. you can then continue to play normally, it also disappeared immediately when I called up the game menu. I haven’t seen it this way in other games, but I’m currently playing B3 the most. Sometimes you can play for hours and the error does not appear. I am now unsure whether this is a game bug or it is due to my GPU. Incidentally, I don’t play on direct x 12, I use direct x 11. But I use 144 Hz on a freesync monitor.

Does anyone else have this error? And maybe someone has an idea what that can be?

My specifications are

All drivers up to date.
GPU temps 80 C
Playing with WQHD Resolution


It sounds like a missing texture for something. You said it was an irregular shape - any chance you could grab a screen shot? If it turns out to be an identifiable object/effect (shield, status effect, shadow, particle cloud, etc) it might help narrow down a solution.

I will submit a screenshot here, but the error is rare. I have now played 4 hours in a row and he has not performed. Can that still be a hardware failure?

got this a few days ago and posted a video i found of the issue someone else was having will repost the reddit link here in asec

is this the issue you were having, i had it twice sinse the moxi dlc released, and it seems its been happening for some people sinse launch…

seems mroe common on the rtx cards https://www.reddit.com/r/borderlands3/comments/d8ymvn/is_this_a_glitch_or_gpu_artifacts/

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■■■■ damn! That’s exactly what he is. Now iam happy. Kiss you .

So my RTX is ok.

yeah scared the hell outta me as well. i got a new pc for christmas bc my old one broke down, rtx card ofc… so it had me worried when i saw it as well