Bug or intented fix?

Here’s m’y problem, I started a new playthrough with Amara after 100%ing the game with Moze, I thought i’d play with a melee build, I recently got the “Blitz” capstone, didn’t get to test it, quit the game, restated the next day, and my Blitz melee were doing 11K damages with -Psycho stabber
-Find your center
-2 points in Illuminated fist (with class mod)
(note I’m level 36)
-Fire skill element against flesh targets

It was working all fine, until I pressed start and saw I could update the game, which I did, and now my Blitz melee attacks are only doing 4880 damages.
I’ve tried restarting the game, respecing, unequipping my gear, but nothing worked.

It was nerfed a while back. If you start the game too fast it won’t apply the hotfix.

Don’t worry too much, though. At level 50 with the right gear you can still sweep the floor in Slaughter Shaft or kill bosses in a few seconds.

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Oh wow, that explains it, thanks, got a small taste of how overpowered it was before then !
That said it’s not the first time this has happened, sometimes ago I got to play with the old Flakker after it was nerfed.

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