Bug or intentional?

I don’t remember seeing any topics about this but in Outback if a enemy is standing behind the base barrier, Galilea’s vortex pull will hit and pull them out. I was just in a match, 2 of my teammates were afk, so I just didn’t bother to attempt to try so I just stood behind the barrier to watch the chaos of my other 2 teammates get demolished by all 5 of the opposing team. Then their Galilea did the vortex pull on me and the entire team destroyed me. So I’m asking if something like this is ok or if it’s a bug and her pull shouldn’t effect anyone behind the barrier.

Im pretty sure they patched this last week.

I would put a report in and mention your match ID.

You may have been out just a little without knowing it and that’s how she pulled you.

Probably a glitch, but seeing as how you also seemed to deserve it I don’t really have a problem with it. In fact, it seems that that’s the case the majority of the time when people stand just on the other side of the glass.