Bug or they changed the skill?

I just notice recently something… The skill Resillience on the Siren Elemental Tree(The Red one), when Maxed, it give me -30% Elemental Resistance, but the skill still say : “Increase your resistance to…”. Is this a Bug or what ??

Here a Screenshot : http://imgur.com/a/5Nsct

Looks like the description is correct, but the numbers displayed are how the game implements the function. If you go to the Wiki entry and view the “Talk” page, you’ll see someone has noted that the display shows negative numbers.

IOW: the game uses a reduction in calculating actual damage, but the card describes it as an increased resistance. Does that make sense? GBX math is something else…

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GBX math never made sense in Borderlands.

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So, the -30% means i take 30% less damage from Elements or Elemental damage received are reduced my 30% ? And not actually decrease my Elemental resistance.

Correct. You gain increased resistance through the math of reduced damage!