[BUG] Orendi's Best Skill damage counters are cumulative

If you go to Orendi’s page to look at her stats. The Best column shows her total damage instead of her best damage in one match.

Well it’s her special “thing”, and what I mean by this is that Gearbox already knows that she would be dominating in Damage so they went with cumulative to see how much damage people could do as her in total. It’s similar to like foxtrot, he has his special “thing” which is the accuracy for his scope or nades stuck on people. It wouldn’t be how many shots or nades he fired, that would be ridiculous. So i don’t really think it’s a bug but if Gearbox says that it is then I guess I was wrong.

It shouldn’t be called her “Best” if it is a cummulative tally and not the “Best” she has done in one match.