Bug/oversight: Taiidan carrier cannot launch or dock two of the same strikecraft class at once

The Kushan carrier can launch or dock two of any strikecraft class simultaneously:

  • 2 fighters
  • 2 corvettes
  • 1 fighter and 1 corvette

The Taiidan carrier can only launch/dock 1 fighter and 1 corvette at the same time. It cannot launch/dock 2 fighters or 2 corvettes at once.

Being able to launch 2 of the same fighter or corvette is necessary to be able to keep up with Hiigaran and Vagyr counterparts’ force projection i.e. the time it takes to launch 20 interceptors from a Kushan carrier is almost the same as launching 4 squadrons of interceptors (5 ships each) from a Hiigaran carrier.

Regardless of cross-race balancing between HW1 and HW2 races, being able to only launch 1 individual fighter at once is too time-consuming and detrimental to combat to be considered balanced.

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This is still an issue which needs addressing.

The engine is inherently incapable of using more than one exit path for the same class, has been since classic.

Buuut it definitely can use multiple entry paths. If it doesn’t use more than one, it means it only has one defined.

Another thing to note is that the time required to launch multiple ships (from the same path obviously) depends entirely on how the path is defined on the carrier - one of the “waypoints” the launched craft has to go through when launching has a property that tells it’s ok to start launching the next craft, and the position of this “ok to launch next” flag is the determining factor here.

So I guess this single path also effects entry exit? I had a group of ships stuck waiting to launch because ships were docking

Either way, this needs to somehow be fixed. How hard is it to add a path if there is only 1 currently?

I tested this specifically shortly after launch, and the kushan carrier seems fully capable of both multiple launch and multiple dock.

We haven’t forgotten you Ursa- this has been worked on. ~50 seconds to dock 50 mixed strikecraft from parade and they dock and launch in groups of two, same or mixed. Kushan mothership and carrier also got some love. There was a bug with vettes and non-vette strikecraft with the carrier that got sorted out too.


Awesome, Thanks Guys!