Bug: phoebe and heart of ekkunar

Wasn’t sure if this is the right place to post this, but…

I’m at the final battle with the eater of names. Phoebe just opened the final door (of the three), and there was a flash of light (similar to when you kill all the varelsi in the room prior, with the touchpad).

All the mobs disappeared, including the eater of names. I was able to go destroy the last energy source…then nothing.

A note: I’m not sure, but this may have occurred at the “10 minute warning timer”.

This was a bug that was supposedly fixed in last week’s hotfix. They said they increased its health and damage threshhold to avoid its premature death that caused the bug…but I don’t know why it would happen to you unless they didn’t fix the problem entirely.

It had happened to me before many times, so I know how frustrating it would be.

Known bug, awaiting the next proper update for a fix. No word yet on when that will be, though. There’s also a bug where the golem teleports into one of the power rooms and becomes immobile. Not as game-breaking and somewhat advantageous, but still a bug.

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Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh or they will hear you and “fix” it!:smile_cat:

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve had the power room bug once, but this was a first for this one. I’m on PC/steam, and the game is up to date, so I suppose it’s not quite fixed yet.