[BUG] Pieces of gear getting randomly "un-purchased"

Yesterday, while I was playing, several times I was affected by this bug when a piece of gear I already purchased started to be indicated like available for purchase again. I’m not sure if it got deactivated, or this is just a visual bug, but that piece of gear couldn’t be activated again (pressing 2 and then pressing according button done nothing, it kept showing up as available for purchase until I spent the credits and no longer had enough).

Not sure how exactly this happens (have suspcicions it might have something to do with the respawn, I was playing Incursion)

I had a similar bug with my gear loadout in PVE several times, single or all gearparts were activated by me, but showed up as unactivated all the time. I had no chance to see if the effects are still working though.

I red a topic some days ago about some guys having the same/ at least a similar issue. Wait…

Found it!

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I’ve seen this once and it has been reported by others. It’s a visual thing only in my case (if it happens again, you may note that you can’t actually buy the gear again, and in some cases it is obvious the gear still works, e.g. A battery on an eldrid).

It’s good it’s just visual. I had no immediate way to tell, unfortunately, I had gear like +attack damage and stuff.

I hope so!^^ Just as you I was wearing gear with stats that are not very noticable in fight situations.
Now I wear sharcollectors in nearly every loadout, so next time this bug hits me I can see if its only visual or not.

I haven’t had this bug in a while now. Not sure if they fixed it on PS4 or it’s just a random thing.