[BUG, possibly nothing Gearbox can do] MSVCR110.dll & MSVCP110.dll missing after windows 10 update

After updating windows 10. Clicking my battleborn shortcut(the steam one) did not start battleborn, it did nothing. Manually running the Battleborn.exe showed an error about a missing MSVCR110.dll file, and MSVCP110.dll.

I know from experience that this DLL should be included in the Microsoft C++ redistributable code included with Visual studio and other programs(like battleborn). 110 is the 2012 version. So something in windows 10 update code messed up the dll’s battleborn(and my visual studio) were using. So I needed to re-install or repair them.

However, using Battleborn’s C++ redist installer did not work(for me, it might for you). Battleborn’s installer can be found in steamapps\common\Battleborn\binaries\redist. Downloading & installing new c++ redistributables from the microsft site did not work. I tried a ton of other things,setting my environment path variables for instance.

What worked was going to (control panel->Installed programs)…and repairing the C++ 2012 redistributables that were already installed. By this time I had multiple of the same version installed, I’m not sure why running Battleborn’s installer again did not repair it.

Did this end up working for you? I just got the game and i used the gearbox redistributables and that didn’t work. used the ones straight from micorsoft and that didn’t work. i’m at my wits end, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the redistributables and the game and i’ve tried going into compatibility mode and i always end up with the same thing. it loads and once it gets to the main screen after all the intro stuff it just goes blank and there is nothing i can do to fix it. Never had this issue before with any game.

I’m on windows 10 using an fx-8350, xfx r9 290x, and 16gbs of ram

Somehow it launched it’s self in windows mode and seems to be working. a few popups from chrome were happening and forced it into windows mode and this is the first time i’ve gotten to the terms and agreements…

May be easier to just post what i said on the steam discussion for bugs on Battleborn but if you force the game into windowed mode the moment you see the 2K logo press “Alt + Enter” this should cause the game to load properly. from there just make it borderless windowed in the video options and you will be good to go.