Bug: Prev/Next weapon doesn't work properly

The issue is that the weapons doesn’t swap in order. Somehow when I select next weapon -and 1weapon in slot is selected- it selects the 4th weapon slot. Or it goes like 1st, 4th, 2nd, 3rd, 1st.
Not sure why.
I did change the weapon swap the opposite way though (next weapon for me is mouse scroll down, and prev. weap. is mouse scroll up).

UPDATE: No, it seems that even when I swap the up/down order on mouse scroll it just doesn’t care! The config retains the same default weapon swap on mouse scroll up/down.
Please fix!

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BL1 has always been this way, even before the remaster. Has always been a pain. Now, with the remaster, any change I make in my loadout will still result in a shuffle in the order of the last/next scroll selector. To fix it, I have to find a quiet, safe place, UNLOCK each item and drop them all (4) on the ground. Then I pick them up in the order I want and then re-lock each one. This makes me reluctant to make changes; I need to be able to change weapons quickly and accurately on the fly, in-game.
Borderlands 2 fixed this problem, so I know Gearbox was aware of it.

It seems to be related to the controller layout, where you can select a specific slot using the D-Pad. Hitting the “Next” weapon button (there is no “Previous” on controller) cycles through them in the same order as up-down-left-right.

In BL2, there was a feature implemented where pressing and holding the “Next” button would popup the four weapons arranged in the D-Pad button layout. But it also changed the default “Next” order to match the order in your equipped weapon slots as displayed on-screen (although D-Pad is still up-1st, down-2nd, left-3rd, right-4th.)

I have the same issue on PC w/mouse & keyboard.

Exactly. I think the way they configured it was a one-size fits all scheme where the order was based on the D-Pad sequence. The developers changed that going in to BL2, but the remaster is using the same layout as the original game.

What REALLY bugs me about it, given that I’m anal about knowing where my weapons are in relation to each other, is that it seems to be entirely random; I change the position of one equipped gun and the entire order is rearranged.

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That I hadn’t noticed. I’ll have to play around with that next time I fire the game up and see if it’s the same with a controller.

I’ve reallized the real problem.
1.) There is no issue with the key binding, if I change it It stays as I specified. E.g.: Next weapon mouse scroll down, Previous Mouse scroll up.
2.) The order how the weapons are swapping IS the issue.
The order currently is (from top to bottom, 1-4):
So if I click next weapon and nr. 1 is selected, then the 3rd. weapon from top to bottom order will be selected. If I click next weapon again, the 2nd. weapon and then the 4th weapon will be selected.

Yes I am anal about my order too, I swap my weapons in order so I can stack the elemental damages and then choose different kind of weapon for finisher, or snipe, or else…

In sticky situations this does make it harder and I just try to use number buttons 1-4 rather than next prev because that is kind of nuisance.