[Bug] Progression and Challenges

There are a lot of issues with Challenges and Progression.

  1. you cant see Zone Progression on Map Level
  2. you cant see Details for Challenges on Planet Progression
  3. Galaxy Challenges dont stop giving you rewards after Rank 5 thus spamming your inbox
  4. There are a couple maps where you can get more Planet Progression Challenges than shown.
    examples are Great Vault 3/2, Meridian Outskirts 18/17… and more, you get the gist.
  5. There is more Planet Progression than 100%… yes. you can get MORE than 100%…
  6. same goes for galax progression. i am at 101% and still have like 1/3 of all planet challenges to go. mostly ECHOs and Redchests, but since you cant see that, you dont know if it is just poor testing/programming, bugged, or the item/interaction you ACTUALLY are missing.

Funny OT Bug: the Order of Planets in the map is not the same as the order of Planets in TVHM in the ship console.

One month later (2 months from launch) and this is still a problem. I am looking everywhere for some sort of solution, I’ve even reached out to 2K and put in a few support tickets. They only reply back with a generic “we know of the issue” response and then continue to put out patches and fixes for current themed events or nerfing abilities and weapons. They don’t seem to care about fixing the problems with the core game anymore.