BUG PS4: Cannot mark items as junk or favorite unless in shop menu

Title says all. Anyone else having a problem with this?

On a side note the event combined with the tiny bank is going to drive me insane.


Same problem here!!!

That’s horrible… Half the time I’m in the shop menu the display doesn’t match the item. I get grenade or class mod pictures for snipers and shotguns. I heavily rely on the ability to trash items in my inventory to avoid selling necessary items. Hope this gets fixed soon.

I am posting in the hopes that someone from Gearbox sees the problem, preferably sooner rather than later.

Same here, i can only mark items if im in a shop menu or they are equipped

I just got this issue with the update.

Same here, with the update as well. I’m glad we can at least use the shops to mark them though.

Bump…do the bump. Same problem.

Same here. PS4. After today’s update. Tried offline, hoping was only the hot fix. Nope. Kind of a big deal for me. Opened ticket

Hey All !
Same problem for me, had a ticket opened, but the support’s only answer is “Watch news on social medias” !!! What the ##{Censored}## ? Still not working on PS4 Pro since the harvest update.

A great firm like 2K can’t handle problems like that ? If not technically, at least commercially ? we paid (even preordered) for a loot game in which we can’t filter loot. That’s insane.
The game isn’t working for 2 weeks now and it’s been released in september ???
I’m really pissed off.

I asked the kind support worker Joao D., to transfer my messages to commercial, and asked for a gift (season pass or whatever that could make me wait), and i was answered that he has no way to do this, if it’s not approved by 2k. APPROVE IT 2K !! THAT’S NOT TOLERABLE !

We gotta stand together and make them pay, not for mistakes (everyone is allowed), but for not taking care of the customers that supported the game when it went out.

Sorry for my english, send from France.