Bug quest the great ark

hello I have a bug which persists since the exit is which prevents me from advancing in the history of the game I defeated the boss of the quest the great ark I must now speak to tanis is when I am in front of tanis impossible to talk to him
i play on xbox

I’m looking for a solution

The hit box for getting the prompt to come up is small and a bit flaky. Have you tried just hitting the interact button (X) while standing in front of Tannis even if you don’t see the prompt?

Also, just to make sure - did you pick up the item dropped after the boss fight, and did you get the prompt to loot the vault yet?

The button (x) is there, visible, but when I press nothing happens. All the loot has been collected. I tested the button (x) to detect spam even near tannis
but nothing happened, otherwise there is a way to reset the quest

There’s no way to reset an individual quest, although often a save–quit and restart can clear stuck script stages. Did the entrance to the actual vault appear yet?

Has the entrance to the real safe still appeared? Tell you about the entrance to the ark? If yes it is still there I have already recovered the item which allows to read the eridian writings

If you’ve been in and got the item from the vault, I believe the next step is to return to Sanctuary and use the item on the slab in Tannis’ lab. I see the ‘Parler’ option there - pressing X isn’t working?

no press (x) does not work

OK. I would try quitting the sessions in the usual way (so that the save updates) and then restarting it. If that doesn’t work, you may need to join someone else’s game to get past this part of the game script; hopefully, that won’t be necessary.

I have already relaunched the games several times without it changing anything. When I will talk to the tablet in the laboratory these as if I did not pick up the item

OK. It might be worth trying a power reset just in case it’s a cache issue. Otherwise you’ll probably need to find someone who is just about to do the same mission and join their game to get past this.

ok thank for help

Problem solved by joining a part of a player who was doing the same quest as me

THX for help

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