Bug quest to get sandhawk

When i do the quest on parkour 3 to get the sandhawk the quest was level 61 but i was playing on p3 op 8 so i get a sandhawk level 61 and i dont want to upgrade a new caracter.

Not bugged. You started the quest at 61, item was 61. Doesn’t matter how much you leveled past it.

@Poisonedbite nailed it. Mission rewards in UVHM are always the level you were when you accepted the quest. If you really want on OP8 Sandhawk, you’ll need to either trade with someone or reset your entire playthrough.

I start the quest when i was 72 op 8 so the quest was 80 and when i give items to herbert a window appear and gearbox ask me if i want to past some objectives so i say yes and my quest was now 61

Not when you start it. When you accepted it.

The problem with that specific quest is that since it is a story mission, it is auto-accetped as soon as you turn in the previous mission.

As the others have said, you picked up the quest at level 61, you completed it at op8, the item is still going to be level 61.
Just restart UVHM and do the mission again, this time IF you are OP8, when you pick up the quest, you will get an op8 weapon.