[Bug Report] Amara's "Fracture" action skill doesn't proc Phaseslam bonuses

Amara’s “Fracture” action skill on the Phaseslam tree should proc Phaseslam anointments, but it does not. I’m extremely interested in using this skill instead of the other two Phaseslam options, but it doesn’t work properly.

I’m on PS4, latest versions (game and console).

I had a streamer test via PC and he stated it was working as intended on PC, but I’ve tested on PS4 and it definitely doesn’t work properly.


I’m pretty sure that’s intended.

It should work if it’s in the brawl tree. Is that the option with the shortest cool down? I’d like to see that fixed as well.

The animation upon selecting this is Phaseslam, selected from the Phaseslam tree. It should be, by all appearances, a Phaseslam variant.

Yes, it’s the shortest Cooldown, and, for me and my gaming style, the best version of Phaseslam variants… I’d like to see this fixed as well, since not only does it not proc Phaseslam Anoints - it doesn’t proc ANY action skill specific anoints (Slam, Cast, or Grasp).

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