Bug Report: Attack Commands don't receive bonus damage from Gamma Burst

Gamma Burst’s description says “deals bonus radiation damage when the pet attacks”. It normally does this by adding a second hit that deals 75% of the damage dealt as radiation. However, attack commands from multiple pets did not ever show bonus damage being applied.

Video evidence showing the Great Horned Skag. 00:37, 00:44, 00:54 show the skag performing an attack command and not receiving bonus damage.

Gunslinger Jabber also didn’t receive bonus damage from Gamma Burst. 00:58, 01:59, 02:43, 02:50, 03:27 (the extra hit was fire damage from the terror anointment, not Gamma Burst)

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I would think that Gamma Burst has to be active, not just fired (and on cooldown) when the attack command is fired to get the bonus? Like this will only work with the Burst Aid augment enabled (to keep the rift open for a duration)?

I have a FL4K built exactly like this - will try it out.

That wouldn’t explain it though. The melee attacks clearly had the bonus damage, even He Bites reflected radiation damage. The only attack that showed no signs of being affected was that Attack command.

Looking forward to your findings :wink:

I think that section of the Gamma Burst description is just describing the radiation field that surrounds the pet (which will affect enemies that it attacks with melee). My Jabber will put the SMG down when Gamma Burst is active and start meleeing them (which is where the enemies eat the bonus radiation damage). The full text says:

Additionally, FL4K’s pet becomes irradiated, growing in size and dealing bonus radiation damage when it attacks.

I really think that bonus radiation is just meant to be for melee (and proximity?) only. The Jabber puts his SMG down the entire time that Gamma Burst is up, going for melee damage, presumably to take advantage of this, since its gun (both SMG and launcher) won’t get the damage. Let me try some other tests.

edit - definitely some proximity damage going on; let me see if it’s enhancing the melee damage too, since I definitely see non-radioactive melee damage numbers in that mess).

Do you mean atomic aroma? That’s an augment, not part of the base ability.

Also, it wasn’t just Gunslinger. The Beefcake Jabber and the Horned skag didn’t receive bonus damage either. Even He Bite’s reflects bonus damage from Gamma Burst, and that definitely isn’t melee.

Ok, that was from Atomic Aroma (I always have that on, and forgot about it). Makes it way easier to see the bonus radiation damage from melee attacks!

Since the Jabber puts the SMG down while Gamma Burst is active, the rocket launcher is the only non-melee damage available among the pets while Gamma Burst is up, no? My money is on the bonus damage not being applied to the launcher an oversight rather than a bug, but it sure seems like the launcher should get the damage here.

But the skag and Beefcake don’t either. Watch the first video showing the skag at the times listed. It never receives the damage on its charge attack either. And from other video’s I’ve done, Beefcake doesn’t ever get it either.

The only place I’m seeing bonus radiation damage is in the “regular” melee attacks (like the little punches, kicks, bites) - none of the special attacks seem to get it.