Bug Report: Chatbox falling off the screen on wider monitors(resolutions)

(Franbunny Alice Viera) #1

I play on a 32:9 display, and everything is fine if not for the helix being a bit over zoomed, but that’s not much of an issue. However the big issue is that the Chatbox keeps disappearing off my screen.

Sometimes it will stay on screen just fine, other times it’s gone. It still works off screen, but I can’t see anything being typed.
The rest of the UI has no problem with staying on screen where it needs to bem.

The bounding box/position for the Textbox however, seems to not be working properly and constantly bugs out and wont appear on screen.
I can’t see chat at all during hero select.

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(GMB) #2

is it eyefinity or just ultra wide monitor, because I also found that the health bars are off the the sides, as well as the view model being stretched across the screens.
also didn’t even know there was chat box during hero select.

(30% more flak) #3

The game really doesn’t seem to support ultra wide resolutions. The zoomed in Helix is actually leaving out a lot of information!
Hopefully this will be fixed by full release. I’d love to play on an Ultra wide resolution once I upgrade my monitor setup :stuck_out_tongue:

(Franbunny Alice Viera) #4

It’s a custom monitor setup, that uses 2 displays to act as a single one, so inbetween triple screen eyefinity and ultrawide.

It looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/yhAFekM.jpg

But the computer sees it like this: http://www.flatpanelshd.com/pictures/samsung329-1l.jpg

The model isnt being stretched so much, I placed the FoV on max setting, and this is the result

(30% more flak) #5

Btw, I just noticed that even on a 1920x1200 resolution, the chat seems to have its own mind. Last match it was positioned on top of my health and shield, usually it’s above. Really hard to see whats being written.

(Franbunny Alice Viera) #6

The game supports ultrawide very well with only 2 exceptions really.

The zoomed helix page, and the chatbox. Other than that. It plays out on my 32:9 wonderfully.
The helix zoomed in isn’t that big of an issue, that fix is pretty easy if they use the Scale associated with the vertical of the resolution.

I don’t know how the game caclulates it’s chatbox position though. Really awkward to have the entire UI work perfectly, and then the chatbox does some whackyass stuff and disappears off screen.

I am so happy this game supports ultrawide, I am buying it now because of it. It just needs 2 small tweaks and it’s perfect.

Anyways, a bunch of screenshots show Battleborn in 32:9 Ultrawide/Eyefinity

(30% more flak) #7

Well, personally I don’t like the Minimap, Health and Shield and abilities being displayed on the corner screens. I prefer important information being on the main (middle) screen. Changing Hud boundaries doesn’t seem to have any effect on where the Hud is placed either.

I mean it does technically support Ultra wide, but not as well as it should.

(Graum) #8

Bump cause these are legit issues.