BUG REPORT for command/character screen

I have the strangest bug idk if anyone else has this issue but I thought I would show you guys with some screens.
I go to the command character select and it says I have unlocked all the characters, but when I go into a match or mission it clearly shows that I don’t have them. The latter makes sense since I haven;t done any advanced mission so I wouldn’t have Ghalt or Deande so why does it say that I have them unlocked.

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I’m having the exact same thing happen. It happened right after the mission where I unlocked Kleese (all silver), Whiskey Foxtrot (15 missions), and Ambra (5 jennerit missions) after finishing all normal story mode missions with Silver medals or higher. We were playing a 5-player public: The Archive (which I had previously Bronze and was repeating to get silver).

I only have four characters actually locked still: Deande, El Dragon, Ghalt, and Phoebe.

My friend said the same thing happened to him (he was in the same mission I was and unlocked Kleese, Reyna, and Benedict at the end of the mission)

I’m command rank 10 and my friend is 8.

I exited the game and reloaded and it still didn’t fix it.

(edit: correction: friend unlocked Reyna, not Ambra at rank 8, Benedict for 5 peacekeeper missions, and Kleese for silver on all missions)

I also have this bug. It started when I completed The Heliophage.

This is a bug that I am also experiencing. It showed up as soon as I unlock Kleese, which for me was when i finally got a good team for the archive mission and got my silver there. I completed the Heliophage before that and had no problems. So it seems to me like an issue involving Kleese.

I have the same issue after unlocking Kleese/Finishing Heliophage

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I am having the same problem after beating Heliphage and unlocking Kleese, any solutions yet?

The same as above, > after unlocking Kleese/Finishing Heliophage.

I have the same issue and can savely say it cam up as soon as I unlocked Kleese. He was the only battleborn I unlocked with the mission and it wasn’t the first time I won the Heliophage.

I also had this bug, but I saw it after just the 2nd time I launched the game and visited the command screen.

I have the same bug ,
Not sure when it started though ? I think after the latest patch.