Bug Report: Gear page issues

Whenever I receive an item that I already have (must have the same stats), the game will swap the new item with the one already in my load outs. The problem is that it doesn’t actually swap the item, it just marks the new item as the one in my load outs. When I sell the unmarked item, it removes the sold item from my load outs. It doesn’t matter if I try to sort my gear pages, it will continue to mismark the gear that is assigned to my load outs with the new item until I sell it or specifically move things around to force things to work correctly.

Just so you know, the devs are aware of this bug, and it seems to affect all platforms. I’ve been fortunate in that the game has replaced the old with the new same stat item in my loadout, with the check mark moving to the new item. I still get the “Do you want to save loadouts” message but as long as I click “Yes” it seems to be fine. I have my gear sorted by type first by default, so you may want to try that for now.

I didn’t have a problem with this once I figured out what was going on, I just wanted to make sure the powers that be were tracking it so that it can be fixed. Love the game and want to make sure it continues to get better :wink:

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