[BUG REPORT] Item lost after redeeming Loot-O-Gram


This happened a few moments ago : I tried to redeem a Loot-O-Gram (my one and only) and Crazy Earl tossed the item so strongely it disappeared ! Did not managed to get it, it simply vanished :frowning:

I can post a video proving and showing how it happened, it may help address this issue :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answers !

Did you check your lost loot locker? It may have ended up there.

Yep I checked it right after, quit the game and reload save then checked : it still had the same 3 skins items I keep there from 2 days ago, but no Crazy Earl loot :-/

Is there any way to open a ticket for the devs to investigate what may cause this ? I don’t really care about the loot itself, but this bug is quite frustrating though XD

Up !

Am I the only one having experiencing this bug ?
How do I open a ticket for technical support please ?

EDIT : nvm, found how to do so :slight_smile: