[BUG REPORT] Mission character voice audio not playing

I played the missions Porta Prison, Proof of Wife and the Killavolt mission in Lectra City and I noticed that the character voice audio was not playing when their character box popped up in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The character box was there and sometimes the subtitles but not all the time and the audio was not playing. I would like to know what these characters were saying but now I have no idea. I noticed it when I was near the Police HQ in Lectra City and I pressed the button in the mission Proof of Wife and Tumorhead was supposed to be talking because I saw her box pop up but she wasn’t saying anything. I was playing as Fl4k on first playthrough on PS4 and tried on PS4 Pro as well and both had the issue, don’t know if that info helps. Please fix ASAP!