[Bug Report] Mission: The Sentinel

In the mission The Sentinel during the boss fight against the old sentinel the boss became invulnerable as usual and started running towards his first island to heal. Oddly the crystal the players need to destroy appeared early and were immediately destroyed before the boss even reached said island.
This resulted in the boss being stuck at the rim of this island while still being invulnerable. All players had to quit the mission as it was impossible to finish.
I haven 't tried to replicate this error yet nor can I say if others ran into the same problem. Please review the mission and correct this.
With kind regards

Same thing just now happened to us. Maybe a crystal isn’t a good idea… because players see crystals and think oo shiney.

Hmm. Definitely sounds like a Bug.


Put in a support ticket to take a two pronged approach at the issue.

Thank you for the link, I am putting in the report right now.

I also experienced this. I would suggest jumping off the cliff, so you at least get some credit.

And I will also submit a ticket.

I just had this happen with a group of 2 friends.

Can confirm still happens, as in, literally just now. =(

Result of smashing the crystals before the platform even loads up.

This just happened to me now

Happened to a group of 4 of us tonight as well.

I had this happen last night. Really thought we were being smart in destroying the crystals before he got to the platform … turns out that was a bad move. I’m playing the PS4 version.

I have a video saved for it if you’re interested. If it is possible for me to comment on your support issue - PM me and I’ll see what I can do to link the video I recorded for it.

Had the same problem just now …
We usually destroy the crystals as soon as possible and there hasn´t been a problem with that up until that game.

Sentinel remained invulnerable and strafed left to right close to the cliff … had to fail the mission.

pls fix that …

same thing just happened to me and I just lost a Vyn’s Quiver legendary because of it. Thanks Gearbox haven’t gotten a legendary gear piece for 2 solid weeks of grinding and finaly get one only to get the final boss fight frozen…real pro guys can see why people are turning in this game at this point.

Explain how you “lost” Vyn’s quiver?

How did you know which item it was?
Couldn’t you have just suicided off the edge? You still get loot when you fail the mission.

Guys its been a couple of months how is this not fixed yet, just reset the boss after 5 minutes of not dealing or reciving dmg or something

I confirm this is still an issue. Happened today. shakes fist

Still an issue, though this time, I had him get bugged out before reaching the crystal. Both the second set of crystals came up, and he entered his stage where he takes out his staff. And then he just got stuck on the stairs and wouldn’t move.

Happened to me and 4 others just then. I’ve only just got this game and the fact that it’s been like this since may is quite concerning.

its getting fixed on thursday :slight_smile:

Ahh that’s good to hear. Loving the game so far.

Nope. Still happening. Got a glitched out invulnerable Old Sentinel here cuz I destroyed the crystals too soon.