Bug report: not receiving 85 Ops points skin

First post, so hopefully the devs will see this? Completed Montana and the Demon Bear twice with Galilea at full ops points(100), but when I checked her character skins, I only had the first skin and not the second. The first time I completed it I found my first skin then I scrolled through all of the rest, and it said I had something new in my appearance menu, but the second skin wasn’t there and the notification never went away. Restarted the PS4 and did it again, and the notification was gone, but still no skin.

Also lots of enemy spawns bugs in the new Ops, but I’m sure you’ve been made aware of that.

there already was a post about that and i also got the same problem (everytime it’s with galilea). the answer to the last post was to contact the support :slight_smile: i really hope they will sort it out.

support: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us