Bug report: PC ver. 1435846

Three bugs to report:

  1. Mouse input does not register slow mouse movement, but only when trying to look up. I can move my mouse as far as I’d like, and as long as I move it slow enough my view will not change at all in-game. Again, this only happens when trying to look up; all other directions register slow mouse movements just fine.

  2. When limiting max pre-rendered frames to 1 via graphics driver (which is standard practice to reduce input lag) the game is very choppy. This can be fixed by going into the options once in game and re-selecting the desired resolution and refresh rate. This has to be done every time the game is launched, otherwise the game does not run smoothly. This is easiest to see at 60Hz, though it happens at any refresh rate.

  3. Sometimes sounds combine/stack in a way that increases the levels too much and causes distortion. A video of this issue in action (not mine): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrZVKWIWIXk

Hope to see some fixes soon, thanks!

Thanks, @0mnicydle! I’ll pass this on to the team.