Bug Report: Tsunami reload

Didn’t see any more obvious place to post a bug, so i’m gonna stick it here

I got the tsunami finally, but it has a slight bug. not game breaking, just annoying for a chronic reloader like me.

Sort of like the hard light or borealis from destiny 2, with the tsunami, even if the mag is full, you can hold x to “reload”. it just does the reload animation, doesn’t do anything to the gun, the mag stays full.

So it’s just sort of annoying as i chronically mash x to open things that i will reload my gun, even though it’s full.

K thx gearbox plz fix :slight_smile:

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I’ve experienced the same bug. Again, nothing terrible as it doesn’t even waste ammo, but as a fellow spam reloader it’s just kinda annoying. Thanks!!

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Still happening 2021

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That’s quite the necro…