BUG Report - Vanished Effects

Greetings! As a modder from the 9CCN team, bugs related to effects(those defined in ship tuning’s .effect files) are spotted for quite a while. I’ve managed to get rid of them first with differenct approaches, but our recent modding reveals more “gone FXs” frequently. And now, I’ve come up with a simple gamerule script to demostrate this bug - it happens 100% as long as the conditions meet.


The main issue of this bug is that in SOME CONDITIONS, a ship’s “EFFECTS” would completely vanish, this includes firing, death, and all the stuffs that are defined in the ship’s .effect file.

Shots of the bug triggered

1-Conditions that cause this

This bug is spotted under different conditions. In the creation of mod FXLF(FX:Legendary Fleet), I met strange things that the 9CCN ships that I manually added into the persistXX.lua for testing(the starting fleets of campaign) has no effects, but PERFORMING A HYPERSPACE JUMP can solve this. I didn’t paid much attention to this since this is just for testing.

However, in later modding this bug showed up again. After some testing, I wrote this gamerule script for easy reproduction of the bug.

Get the script here:


Place it in Data\leveldata\multiplayer
Add the -overrideBigFile command
Start a Skirmish with race HIIGARA, and rule Classical Homeworld 2

As far as I know, this bug happens when a ship RECIEVES ORDERS(move, attack ,etc) when it is EXITING HYPERSPACE.

Let’s look at the script:

Player_FillShipsByType("Mothership", 0, "hgn_mothership")--get the mothership

SobGroup_CreateShip("Mothership", "hgn_battlecruiser")
Player_FillShipsByType("HBCs", 0, "hgn_battlecruiser")
SobGroup_Move(0, "HBCs",  "Mid_Pos")

-- I used the SobGroup_CreateShip function above to add a HBC in the "Mothership" Sobgroup, and the BC jumps in since there's no dockpath for it.
--In the last line, issuing "SobGroup_Move" will make the BC move. Conditions meet here, and the BC lost all its effects.

SobGroup_SpawnNewShipInSobGroup(0,"vgr_bomber","VBOMSQUAD_"..UX_demo_times,"VBOM"..UX_demo_times, "Mid_Pos")
SobGroup_SpawnNewShipInSobGroup(0, "vgr_battlecruiser","VBCSQUAD_"..UX_demo_times, "VBOM"..UX_demo_times, "Mid_Pos")
SobGroup_SpawnNewShipInSobGroup(0, "vgr_assaultfrigate","VFFSQUAD_"..UX_demo_times, "VBOM"..UX_demo_times, "Mid_Pos")
SobGroup_SpawnNewShipInSobGroup(0, "kus_carrier","KCVSQUAD_"..UX_demo_times, "VBOM"..UX_demo_times, "Mid_Pos")
SobGroup_ParadeSobGroup("VBOM"..UX_demo_times, "Mothership", 1)
SobGroup_MoveToSobGroup("VBOM"..UX_demo_times, "Mothership")

--Here is another demo that uses "SobGroup_ParadeSobGroup" 's pattern "1" which will make units HYPERSPACE PARADE with Mothership group. the move order after it completes the condition as well.

2-Further Thoughts

I personally consider this bug as something like “unfinished hyperspacing”. It should be noticed that once a ship losts its effect, docking won’t help. The only known way to restore this is make the ship JUMP AGAIN. You can orer the Kushan carrier to jump and see its effect back.
(#if you dock the Vaygr bomber with Kushan carrier and make the carrier jump, the bombers won’t be fixed.)

One Carrier's FXs are back after hyperspacing. 

Also, if you quote the two lines that make the sobgroup move


then the bug won’t happen. In normal hyperspace exit you should have NO CONTROL of the ship. However scripts can do this, and once the move functions are called, player control is restored even when the hyperspacing is not finished.

In current FXMOD Series, we’re using alternate approaches to solve this. In FXLF’s Survival, I created “jumpholes” that are far away from the map and make units spawn there first, and then jump them to positions within the map range.

FX Galaxy’s Balcora Gate has the same issue (but we don’t know why - there could be more conditions to trigger this maybe?) and we’re currently using an instant-replacing script to solve this(that’s really a bad approach I think).

These conditions mentioned above(e.g. hyperspace spawning ships with either CreateShip or Parade) are very frequent in modding, and the bug really have a strong influence(we’ve also spotted AI’s ships lost their FXs, maybe AI issued order when their ships are currently hyperspacing?).

Wish GBX could notice this and give it a fix!



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Also we are faced with this problem.
We pray to be corrected quickly.

Hrm… weird. I’ll see what I can find…

Oh BitVenom, UX posted this topic and I @ you 7 MONTHS AGO, and in RODOH has cometh! you said you were looking into this … Finally, you are here and say it’s weird and you will look into this…

His priorities are probably set by his boss, not by us…

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I did not blame him for his not looking into this for months, but it seems that he totally forget this…

if that’s the case, you should changed the way you’ve written it (especially the capital “7 months ago”), because it sure feels like it :wink:

Oh, I’m very sorry for that. Since I’m not a native English speaker, sometimes it’s just a little difficult to express my exact feeling with English words.:confused:

No worries, I’m not a native English speaker either, so I understand :wink:

No, not forgotten - I think the first version is in our Bug DB. BUT, I don’t think, for whatever reason, that it was clear at that time how strongly connected to Hyperspacing the bug was… I recall the previous version was ‘sometimes all the FX for a ship disappear’. I may recall wrong. Now, knowing it is connected to Hyperspacing - I have a smaller area in the code to go hunting for a reason. We have TONS of bugs - but as we’re busy rebuilding the world, those have to wait… besides, in some cases all of our edits end up fixing bugs without intending to :wink:

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That is of course the best possible outcome :smiley:

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