Bug report! With network and computer spec please help

I’am very surprised that after owning this game for over a year I’am still running into two very annoying bugs.

  1. Slow walk/run. After exiting a vehicle or experiencing a slow from a status effect, If never runs out and no matter where you are at any given time will this run out. You are forced to restart the game in order to fix this and it happen very often. Your character is just slow… Happens to Athena more often then any other character as well, and that is strange. So I’am not sure if it is a skill thing.

  2. Crashes Crashes and more Crashes. Everywhere at any given time this can happen. We’re playing on a network with my own router and modem and it is port-forwarded to spec for this game it’s self. Tried without port-forward and I see little difference. Happened on both computers. Tried on another network with a different computer and still run into this issue. We play on steam and we only have this issue with this game on steam. We played all other multiplayer games work just fine at that time and we troubleshooted to see if it was steam that may have been causing it; we think it may however we’re not totally sure as BL PreS is the only game that we run into a huge issue with crashing.

The crashing cause disconnects and I have to restart the game in order to join back in for it to work for maybe an hour or shorter for it to happen again. It only takes about 3 minutes to start the game back up so it’s not a huge deal but it does really ruin to depth of the gameplay.

Specs: Processor: intel core I7-3770 3.40GHz (overclocked)

Ram: 16.0GB

64 Bit OS Win 7 SP 1

Nvidia GeForce GTX 770

Wired connection
Comcast Blast: Aka about: 50-100 Mbps

Modem Netgear: CMD31T

Router Netgear: WNDR4300

Number 1 there is the well-known cryo bug, which is in the game on all platforms. An alternative to restarting your game is to carry some kind of low-level cryo weapon and freeze yourself; the second status effect should cancel the first when it wears off. Yes, it would be better if you didn’t have to do that, but this is still better than restarting… :blyoohoo:

We’ll try your suggestion! Thank you!