Bug report [XB1]

Upon signing into Battleborn I noticed there was something new in my command tab. When I clicked on the tab it said all of the digital deluxe/pre order bonuses were unlocked again.

This itself is not a big issue as I can simply click through the 15 total character bonus skins and taunts and the 3 titles.

HOWEVER, with this came a (1) to my gear which was the legendary packs X3. I still had my old legendaries and with glee I opened these. I got three new legendaries and a smile on my face. While I was waiting for a friend to hop on however the same thing occurred. I was able to open 3 more legendary packs. This did not happen rapidly but rather every few times I would check my command. This issue stopped once I played a match.

I assume it was some kind of problem connecting to the server with one part recognizing that I owned the bonus content but the other not recognizing that I had received it.

Note to mods: Not sure if this is the right category or not. The closest thing I saw to bug report was support and that didn’t seem entirely correct either. If it’s in the wrong thread feel free to move it, thanks.


im going too keep logging in and out now see ya guys in like 2 days :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to send a support ticket.
Apparently devs rarely read the posts.

The Devs visit the forum quiet often (click the “Dev Tracker” on the topbar to check latest posts) but if someone finds a bug its the best thing to write a ticket and go to the support.
This forum is not really ment to report bugs & cheaters or alike, thats what the support is for.

Dropped you over to the Tech Support section.