Bug Reports and Feature Request

The highest SDU possible needs to be more than 2 million. There should be a tier afterwards costing upwards of 10 million. I’m maxed out. Don’t ask me how unless you’re a dev. And no its not a bug exploit.

PC gaming < consoles

It happens to people whose over max guardian like some are lower max guardian and already over max guardian like wtf is this

I found a very striking scene on the outskirts of Eden-6.

In a game all about guns, it could be a nice change of pace to holster the firearms, and turn off our UI tech to appreciate the view. Afterall- somebody put in hella work on that volcano and crashed spaceship. My beautifully designed gun is a huge distraction to it though.

Word? Word.

Camera mode. So we can shoot at the big picture.

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Hi, I was wandering if anyone or maybe most of us feel the same way - the NPC voice is too silent and cannot be turned up? I mean either them talking to PC face to face or through the commlink. I haven’t found a way to properly set the NPCs voice to the desired volume. I tried voice volume in the menu, but that impacts only the PC.

It’s sort of okeyish if nothing else is going on, but when the shooting starts or mostly any other sounds are present, the NPC voice is always overruled and anything funny, lore-based, quest-related and thus also the atmosphere is lost.

Please have a look at this maybe?

Best of luck,

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Will you XBOX players go post in correct forum please, thanks.

PC bugs, after the patch my performance is WORSE that it was before. Also the turnoff for “Keep this game up to date” in the EPIC launcher doesn’t work and the update was forced anyways BOOOO.

The Accuracy bonus in Guardian Rank make your accuracy WORSE instead of better, seriously?

The texture streaming worked way better in BL2 without all this lag and stutter, what gives?

The startup time is obnoxious, please remove Denuvo soon, paying customers aren’t criminals and shouldn’t be treated as such!


holstering weapons would be amazing :smiley:


Match Browser, come back! I don’t like being shoved into random games with no way to choose what I’m getting into!

Loving this game. Looking forward to surpassing the countless hours I put into previous titles. Two QoL features I think would be amazing, in order of how much I think they would benefit game play.

  1. Ability to cycle through active quests while on the map screen, just as you can when walking around in game (with default [ & ] keys). Particularly on replays, stacking up on active quests then completing them all in one pass of the map is made much easier if you can quickly scan the map for what’s closest to you. Currently you have to change from map to log, change active quest, then return to map to accomplish this.
  2. A “Sell junk” hotkey when looking at vending machines, similar to the “refill all ammo” at ammo machines. Maybe I’m pointlessly collecting gear to sell instead of leaving it to waste in the borderlands, but 90% of my vending machine interactions are selling loot.

It would be nice if they removed the guy banging on the quick change machine in sanctuary. It’s extremely annoying to listen to when changing outfits. I don’t even have the patience sometimes to customize the colours because I just can’t listen to it anymore.

I would like to report a bug. I can’t seem to redeem my pre order items more than one time. Is there a way to anyone knows of to fix this bug? I tried to create new characters, but they don’t get the mail.

I have a few minor complains (no bugs, just features)

1: when playing Amara, changing elements is essential, but it can only be done in the echo menu, this isn’t only inconvenient, but in multiplayer, where the game doesn’t even pause in the menu, it simply can’t be done mid-fight, so please add a button, to change element outside the menu (for example Fl4ks pet command button), and also, the tatoo colour, and the element of blitz only changes, after using the action skill, the first is not that important, but the second matters in the game.
2: I use Fl4k with the Master skill tree, and I realised, that I only use gamma burst, to instant revive my pet, or to deal direct damage, and not to buff my pet, because the damage buff is not just small (for an action skill) but it is an elemental bonus, which makes it even more useless in certain situation, so I think the direct damage should be removed from this skill, and some base pet damage boost should be added.
3: there are some weapons, that deal most of their damage by projectiles created with some special ability (like the storm sniper or the Peacemonger), and these weapons are awesome, but these extra projectiles doesn’t benefit from skills affecting gunshots (Amaras infusion, Moses short fuse and experimental munition for example) and this makes these weapons a lot less potent, when used with a gunshot based build.

I hope you like my suggestions, this is a great game, and I would like to see where it can evolve

Can’t finish last quest on TVHM. I put it in, but it’s not working

I was about to report that same bug with UVHM, can’t complete it due to having two relics.

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I cleared all logs and restart PC. And then I go online mod, bcoz before I was farm offline. These things fixed it for me.

Hi, i know that in a previous patch the e-tech shotguns were nerfed, which is fine cos they are pretty strong, but mine has been nerfed by more than 60% this cant be right, my 4 ammo per shot shotgun is doing the same damage as a shotgun that uses 1 ammo per shot, and i cant even play mayhem 3 anymore, where as previosuly i was absolutely crushing it…

the damage per shot went from 10k, to 3.6

one you restart your game it will work

FL4K Nerfs

  • Guerrillas in the Mist time reduced from 8 to 6 seconds

IT is now 5 seconds in game not 6 (as the changelogs said)! FIX IT.

Needs to still be 8 seconds to be a viable action skills. Even six base is useless at only 25 bonus crit damage? Now fl4k has 3 relatively useless skills at mayhem 3