Bug Reports and Feature Request

I would just like to put a bug in Gearbox’s ear. Since I’m seeing a ridiculous amount of Eridium sitting in players wallets. What about a character like Earl(or one new character per manufacturer) that can accept Eridium to re-roll the stats of a gun. All the stats, damage, pellet amount, everything. Maybe for 100 Eridium each, you get new random rolls or annointment. Maybe your gun gets better, maybe it gets worse. But if you find a Rare weapon that’s not what you want, you have a chance to change it to something different. Just a thought.

I play on PS4 and the majority of the games cutscenes dialouge and other sounds play a few seconds before the imagery. This has been a problem since day 1, so I figured I would let y’all know and I hope it gets fixed soon.

would be nice if other aspect ratios were supported for display, i use 5:4 monitor and the map and seasonal challenge screed are bugged. could you please add “square/old” monitor support? I mostly use 1600x1200 or 2048x1536

It seems that I cant fully disable guardian rank perks even though it says its disabled,I tried disabling Hollow Point because it still does friendly fire damage but it doesn’t do anything in-game even after restarting multiple times

There is a bug at the vendors, mouse scroll is acting weird when trying to browse through the stuff to sell. Started after the last patch.

same here please help


  • Dead Claptrap Challenge in the Droughts says 0% even though was completed.

  • “!” Mark displayed on many areas without any quest.

PC Gamer here:

I’ve got 2 items that should give +1 additional Rakk but i only get the benefit of 1 of these items.

In Borderlands 3’s new DLC, the new Call of the Deep quest has a glitch where if you die as Omen is saying he’s gonna pull out Fish Brother, the quest glitches and you are unable to continue, leaving the Watch Fish Brother Make Entrance objective unchecked forever. Saving and quitting does not work in my experience, and neither does restarting the game.

Is it possible for an update so in party chat you can change the volume of each person in the party. As so many mics vary in quality…

I don’t know if this can happen to anyone or if something just went werid in my game but after the cut scene where you first see Wainwright Jakobs, a level 25 Indo Tyrant walked through the front door and sorta slid/glitched in. I screen capped it because I was only level 19 at the time and it killed me in three bites :confused:

AFAIC It was happening to other ppl as well. For a very long time.

Yeah, happened to me and several others. Which route did you take to get to the peak - did you happen to go the long way round past Indo Tyrant’s spawn point?

Not that I saw? I was just following the route the story was giving me up the hill. I went back through after killing it and I didn’t see any other tyrants.

Got a little bug here. Inspecting an item (equipped or otherwise) straight after entering your backpack (likely during the 0.5 second character hologram animation) makes two guns and a grenade appear in the inspection.

Probably worth getting rid of the word “Item View” that’s hiding behind the 4 squares top-left too! Can just make out the ‘I’ in the corner of the golden one.

Did you ever figure out what was wrong?

I been having something similar to that happen. Every once in a while my gun will pop up in cut scenes and kinda float around for a second. you can see it towards the bottom right.

okey i have playd this game for over 83 hours and i have never seen this bug before i checkt my gear and all of a suden i hear a phone and iknow what it its a indo tyrant right next to me at the jacksoons base have enyone experienct this before?

Yup. Multiple screen shots of exactly that posted in the forums here. If you run up the stairs he gets his head stuck in the wall, then you can crit for days with total impunity…

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Mmh god bless this game ifound soo meny bugs becouse of exploring every singel detail of the maps but its still fun ^^ i will try to upload every singel one i find ^^