[BUG] Selling guns/Weapons tab glitch

I play on PC and I’m not sure this is happening to anyone else but after playing for a bit, when you go to one of the vending machines to sell guns, the whole weapons tab and selling process turns into a mess.
First the guns you marked as trash don’t show up at first. You have to hit left control in order for the system to reorder the weapons, in order for the trash icon to even appear next to the gun.
But if you are in the selling process for a while even more glitches seem to pop up. The scrolling down and up gets stuck and any click on the screen means that you sell guns you are not intended to sell.
You have to buy them back because you sold them by accident.
All in all it has been a hassle every time I try to sell guns to the vending machines because I experienced these glitches almost 90% of the time specially after I’ve been playing for a while.

I play on PC my system is pretty good I have an i7 7700 k, gtx 1080, 16 GB ram. All my settings are pretty much on medium with some turned off like fog decals etc.

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I know its kind of a pain but if you favorite all guns you want to keep, then you cant sell them by accident. The while new inventory system for me has been pretty buggy with the wrong icons on items and sometimes item colors being wrong as well.

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Yes thank you for reminding me.
Guns/items having the wrong icons is another issue I forgot to add in the original post.

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