[Bug] Sentinel boss drops nothing

I just did a run of The Sentinel, on advanced with another player and the final boss, The Sentinel dropped nothing (no coins, bonus score, no pack, nothing) once we killed him.

Here is a picture with the Match ID

Same thing happened to me 5 minutes ago… Still a good mission because I got the Chrono Key !


I had that happen to me a couple weeks ago while playing with a developer (it wasn’t the play w/ dev weekend; just a random dev slumming it with us mortals). We asked him what happened and his response was just “I have no clue. That was weird.”

I haven’t really been able to reproduce it so I’m not even sure what causes it (my gut tells me it’s something to do with the scripting for the lootsplosion when the boss dies, insofar as something in the script tells the boss to do XXX right when it dies and the slight bit of delay stops the boss from throwing out the lootsplosion).

Just had this happen to me this morning, when clearing the Old Sentinel extremely fast with Oscar Mike space lasers and Thorn. We took out the shards before he really had a chance to walk to them, and dropped him within seconds of his final immunity shield going down. No loot. :frowning:

I’ve had the midbosses in Sentinel fail to drop loot as well, usually when the kill is extremely fast. As Kitru said, it does seem to have something to do with interrupting the bosses right before they are about to perform some sort of attack, jump to a new location, or regenerate their chestplate.