[BUG] SEVERE issue with multiple animations on single joint


I have been trying to get the warp animations for Star Trek: Continuum working since I started to understand how to get Max to do animations (at all) thanks to @Dom2 . I have successfully gotten animations to go through to the game and play but not all of the animations will play. After about ten hours of experimentation I have concluded that this is likely a bug.

[details=BACKGROUND]In Star Trek Continuum there is a script which checks for ships entering and exiting hyperspace, when this is detected it sets NIS00 or NIS01 on the ship and the Madstate file calls “warp_in” or “warp_out” as below:

{SHIPNAME}_NIS00_OnSet = function(ship)
	startAnim(ship, "warp_in")

{SHIPNAME}_NIS01_OnSet = function(ship)
	startAnim(ship, "warp_out")

A warp “flash” is also played at the correct time and location in relation to the ship to visually approximate a ship jumping to warp. These flashes execute flawlessly, indicating that the script survived the transition to HWR intact.

In HW2C we animated the root joint of the HOD to simulate the warp “jump”. RODOH brought through half of the animation (warp_out) and made the following overlapping animations in the Max hierarchy:

My understanding now is that to fix the issue all I had to do was add in the missing second half of the animation and then make sure that the ST and EN were correct to the timeline along the bottom of the window there. Only one of the two animations would ever play though.[/details]

[details=DETAILS]I have experimented extensively and found the following:

  1. If two consecutive ANIM are on the one joint, only one will play
  2. If two identical ANIM are on the same joint, with different names, only one will play
  3. Using Seconds or Frames (ST/STF and EN/ENF) doesn’t change the outcome
  4. Recreating the whole animation from scratch on a new joint doesn’t fix the issue
  5. Having a joint with “warp_in” and a separate joint on that with “warp_out” doesn’t fix the issue either


@bitvenom, this is a serious issue for Star Trek Continuum, if our ships can’t warp… then there will be a significant loss of immersion and enjoyability for players :’(

But the example taiidan interceptor has open and close on the same joint…

I was following that example, and it just… wouldn’t work for me :’(

If you would like to have a look at my source files I can link you to them, but they look fine to me :frowning:

Sure, put the dae somewhere and I’ll have a look.

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Shouldn’t this be in the missing section?

I have not had a lot of luck with RODOH animations working 100%, but I have successfully exported new animations for Open and Close anims for code red on the same joint and for docking bay doors with multiple articulated joints. The suggestions I have are to make sure that the anims do not overlap frames (leave a gap of a few frames between key frames) and to eliminate any curves (every transition has to be linear, bitvenom said there is a possibility that this may get addressed at some undetermined future date)

I have only used Frames and just for sanity sake I make sure that no animations overlap.

I will have to check out your warp script as I will need something similar for hyperspace.


That should have said “modding”…

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I posted this in a private message, but felt that it might get some dev attention out here, hopefully? @BitVenom?

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Can you post a screenshot of your graph editor and your HOLD_ANIM hierarchy?

it’s in the quote above if you hit the little arrow, and here:

Have you tried parenting HOLD_ANIM directly under ROOT_LOD[0]?

Do the dockpaths on that ship work fine?

HOLD_ANIM started out directly on ROOT_LOD[0], to be thorough I’ll move it and retest. :slight_smile:

The dock paths haven’t actually been tested yet, it’s going to have drones which haven’t actually been created yet…

Yeah… it made no difference :frowning: