[BUG] Shayne stops throwing switcherangs in Ernest Egg (atk speed increased)

(Inbound Titan - Killing you with SCIENCE!!!!!) #1

I’ve noticed having that when I am in Ernest’s egg that increases atk speed, Shayne throws 2 boomerangs then stalls as if I let go of the trigger and that continues in a loop until I get out of the egg. I put this here because I’m sure its a character bug and not a console only bug.
Happens every time, please look into it.

(Inbound Titan - Killing you with SCIENCE!!!!!) #2

This is still happening to me and it is super frustrating because I run attack speed gear and it even happens with that sometimes. It just seems like her switcherang atk speed cant exceed a certain limit

I got it on my stream last night, check it at 1:58:06

Is this on a bug backlog by chance and just hasnt been addressed? maybe @Jythri , you may know.

(issacemilio) #3

It’s not only with Ernest eggs. When Patient Zero is applied to her the glitch also happens. Hopefully they fix it soon.