[BUG] Splash damage sometimes considered as elemental, sometimes it doesnt

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to demonstrate here. You don’t show your skills so Short Fuse is a possible source of that non elemental splash you’re seeing. As for downing yourself that could be due to you have a bonus element on your grenade which you didn’t show.

Lastly I’d call all the above null and void as using modded illegitimate gear for any demonstration can come with its own issues. Your com, artifact and shield are all illegitimate.


To clarify for anyone who might be confused. The COM and Artifact both have 4(or more) passives and the Transformer has Turtle(impossible).

There’s no extra element you can see that when he shoots the target. I don’t know why it’s downing him but who knows can’t really figure out whats going on when you are using heavily modded gear.

I got the shotgun from the fabricator, but transformer, artifact and COM are from a save file that I took from some save that i saw in a discord. If they are illegimate(which I didnt know it was) I genuinely sorry. But my stuff yes, they are anointed, but my shield have %50 shock damage, my grenade have %25 weapon damage anointment. The rest of my items dont have extra non-elemental or other elemental damage except shock.

I imagine it’s then due to the bonus element on your shield. I’ve been told before that the Transformer doesn’t absorb bonus elements correctly. So in spite of the bonus element being shock, it is still likely the killer.

Yup, bonus elemental is the one to blame in this case. IIRC it’s the same case as Amara’s using shock augment with Spiritual Driver to stack Mindfulness.

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short fuse isn’t automatically the same element of the gun you’re using?!

Short Fuse is always non elemental. Mind Sweeper is the one that inherits its element from gun/nade.

dang I assumed the explosion would just take the element of my shot.