Bug, split screen Rath spawned without swords

Hi all, was just trying out a split screen online game with my partner and when she chose Rath and spawned Rath didn’t have his sword and could not attack

Moved to the beta bug report section. Thanks for your info!

I had the same problem with Marquis. During the second solo mission. It occurred after I died, and respawned without any abilities or guns. They icon for them were crossed. I think this is not restricted to a single character.

I had this issue with Marquis in meltdown. It looked as if he was holding his gun but I couldnt fire or zoom in at all. This also happened on meltdown as Oscar Mike. The gun was not missing but I was still able to fire the phantom gun. On both occasions they respawned properly after my death.

Both times it was the start of the match on meltdown on PS4

I had the problem with Miko in inclusion the whole round… Just able to heal, build and using skills… No normal attacks (PS4)