Bug Stuck at Follow Typhon and he won't say put the relic in the pedestal

Plz help me. I’m at the final stages on TVHM with my character and i’m suppose to “Follow Typhon” but the game is stuck and won’t progress. I’ve quit, restarted, switched characters and nothing will fix it. I’ve tried to join others but most have finished the game already. I really don’t want to reset all my missions and do the whole darn thing all over again. Plz help me. Is there no way to just reset that Pyre of Stars mission so that I can restart it or something? This is crazy.


I have the same bug on my FL4K :unamused:

hey I finally got past it today I kept trying to join campaign through social and finally found a guy who had not completed the story mission yet and went with him all the way through and it allowed me to get all the way done with my stuff

After such slow progression through the game (I only play for a few hours a week) I’ve run into typhon’s inactiveness. So… does that mean I have to create another character and play two-fistedly?