[BUG] Suddenly no more enemies in whole world while doing Chadd mission

Well, could be coincidence that it happened while doing the Chadd Mission, but only a single Grog appeared and I then thought I go getting one elsewhere, but there was nothing in the whole game world, not a single enemy anymore, empty.

I also remind that happening again in the same level with another character, seems to be a bug in ‘Floodmoor Basin’ where all enemies simple vanish.

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I had that happen on my Zane playthrough, but it was when I first got there. I like to go around and open my maps up right away and the whole time I was doing it there were no creature enemies, but the COV were still there. Made it nice for what I was doing, but probably not quite right. They started showing up after I talked to Wainwright the first time

Chadd was too extreme for the enemies in the game. So they all went into hiding.

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Interestingly i’m currently leveling up Zane too.
But for me there were absolutely 0.00 enemies, I checked every spot.