Bug that is resetting boss health mid fight

So my friend has this problem on his moze where boss health resets during a fight for no apparent reason, it’s not doing it with all bosses he told me but it’s still irritating for him for the ones it does do it with

It looks as if the boss goes into an immunity phase for no reason and it’s health resets, anyone know what this problem could be?

I have a speculation that it might be something to do with lag because his WiFi seems to be wack atm but I don’t know

What boss? Was it in coop or solo? There is a Mayhem modifier (Healy Avenger) that can restore enemy health/shield/armor.

When you fight the final bosses during all the Eridian Proving Grounds, all bosses do the same. You wear out their shield and health, and when they are about to die, they go into immunity mode and recover full shields and health, like for a second round. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Are those the bosses your friend is talking about?

We both have 20+ days in the game so we’d know if it were a mechanic that’s causing the problem

He sent me a clip of what was happening, and we’re talking every couple of seconds the health bar goes grey (like it does during immune phases) and pops back up to full

He was shredding down health with iron bear but it was popping full again every second or so, weirdest bug I’ve seen so far

was nothing to do with game mechanics as he’d tried without mayhem 10, respecced, his other moze, restarted, with and without hotfixes, etc, you name it he’d probably tried it

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The reply I just made answers your question partly aswell

And it was solo, but had started in coop when we were speedrunning the second dlc on new characters, the bug stayed with him when he went off on his own to farm gear, didn’t happen with me when we were playing but it was bugged on his side for some strange reason

That’s really weird. I haven’t heard of something like this happening. It surely is a bug. Is just with one specific boss?

Appears to be smaller bosses he said, graveward is fine, so is tyreen and such, bosses like that little guy in the second dlc and the quartermaster in bounty of blood seem to be the type affected

Maybe the game is counting them as NOGs or something weird like that, replenishing shields/health, I have no idea tho it’s weird as hell

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