[BUG]The Sentinel (Old Sentinel frozen and invincible)

We had nearing completion of the round and ended up with an invincible old sentinel which seemed to have it’s AI turned off(the minions had their AI off as well).

What I believe was the cause of this was that we destroyed the Old Sentinels recharging shards before it got to them(this was the first time, not the second like has previously been reported).

We had to suicide in order to finish the match.

I’ve seen this posted a few times with no match ID or details. Hopefully this helps.

Match ID: 20160811-6d99bd55-2b3f-480b-bbac-f073481f5fb2


It’s a well known bug. It occurs when you destroy the shards while the Old Sentinel is in mid-air.

The working (player) theory is that, as soon as the shards are destroyed, the script tells the Old Sentinel to jump off of the platform; since he’s in the air and incapable of jumping, it breaks his script, making him stand still and tracking on whichever player he happens to have aggro on. Because his script is broken, it never removes his invincibility so you can’t damage him to get his script back on track (like you can with the various broken script Thrall that will sometimes appear, just standing there doing nothing, or against either of the Guardian mini-bosses when you do fun things while they’re jumping so that they do the same thing as the Old Sentinel except they aren’t invulnerable).

It’s been a while since they’ve commented on this (afaik, it’s around since release) and they haven’t done any of the “easy” fixes (having the shards appear only after the Old Sentinel is on the platform; having the shards be shielded until the Old Sentinel is on the platform). Kinda curious if they’re trying to fix the script itself or simply have it on the back burner (since, once you know about it, it’s pretty easy to avoid since you just don’t destroy the shards until he’s on the platform).

Good info that I haven’t seen yet, thanks.

I got the same bug before in adv mode, the only way is suicide and play again…
A terrible bug and why not fix it?

How long does is take 1 Dev team to fix 1 mission in Battelborn. Once again today the Sentinal mission cant be completed. How many excuses for this.
Plenty of time to make Useless new Titles. Plenty of time to re paint skins and charge for them . How about fixing the one of the main quests.
How about you just fix the Ancient Sentinel so it works. Core part of the game and it,s just too much trouble to fix it.

Cant believe this has still not been done.

This doesn’t belong in the news section.

  1. GBX have already announced end of support (ie no more actual patches) for this game, so it’s not going to get fixed. (I’m surpried we’ve even had a couple of hotfixes tbh)

  2. Is this a new version of the sentinel bug, or is it the same one (where players destroy the shards while the sentinel is in mid-air or otherwise on his way too the pad)? If it’s the same bug, it’s annoying but it is avoidable.

What @VaultHunter101 said: Do not pre-smash the 2 re-energizing shard clusters on the floating islands.

Instead, wait the O S out, and re-attack only after the O S has jumped back onto dry land.

Takes longer, but less sorrow.

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He got the crystals from the first pad then jumped up onto the platform before doing the second bunch of crystals. I hung around for a good few minutes but he was invulnerable. it,s quite annoying to have made all the effort to get there and than have it bug out.

Should have been fixed ages ago. I have heard all the excuses about how busy the Devs . The Dev’s being busy is not my problem, never was and never will be. The Dev’s being busy is the Dev’s problem. It will probably never get fixed.

It’s posted in the only place where it would allow me to post.

Breaking character…

That’s odd. I thought they fixed that.
I experienced a similar Sentinel bug a long while ago, but after one of the patches a while back I didn’t get that glitch anymore.
If It’s returned that really, really sucks.