[BUG] The Thralls cannot be contained

Yesterday when playing Monuments, the mid thralls decided that sticking to their spawn wasn’t their thing and started marching out to see the world. One of them had joined the fight in the area above the thrall tunnel, one was staring at some invisible threat through the walls slowly walking to his brother.

I then killed them and capped the Thralls to work for me? Who were they working for previously? For themselves? Outrageous.

I move that this glitch be ignored and encouraged. I’d love this. But yeah it’s probably something involving the floor hole.

Hehe, it was certainly funny, I wonder what the Thralls were planning? Another revolt, this time against the tyranny of the Battleborn? Or did they just want to join the fun a little early? :smiley:

They heard some stuff from ISIC.

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