[BUG] The Void's Edge

A minor problem but it stopped me finishing the mission, nevertheless. I was playing Galilea in single player on Normal. I had jumped up to the area containing the shard power source to take down a force screen. After bashing my way through the shards, I found I was inside the shard containment and couldn’t get out.

Here’s a vid of my predicament. In the first seconds, I just look around, so you know where I am. Then I move and jump like a mad thing :grin: but to no avail.

No big deal but if you are ever amending the map for other reasons, you may care to make sure this can’t happen.

Did you try to use her ultime to get out?

Actually i had this happen while doing a Solo hardcore run with Gault after several minutes of struggling and anger i just had to take the loss and quit the mission…

I never had this happened :confused: I have a lot of server issues, but i’ve never experienced any bug/glitch on a map. i can’t finish a solo mission in advanced or in normal because i get kicked out of the serv