BUG: There is no way to select vertically divided couch co-op view

Currently, Borderlands 3 is almost unplayable because the only couch co-op view is horizontal windows. This makes reading anything on the screen almost impossible and in some cases actually impossible. The view is sickening and causes me and my spouse motion sickness and discomfort. In all previous Borderlands game, the comfortable and clear vertical split screen was always available, as it should be. I have searched thoroughly, and there seems that the control to change the split screen to vertical mode is entirely missing. It is just gone. Clearly, this is a bug, and I am reporting it. Until this is fixed, the game is not seriously or realistically playable.

Frankly, I am shocked that Gearbox could ship this game without noticing such a blatant bug. When can we expect this to be repaired so we can play the game together?


@Giniko. Unfortunately I don’t believe it’s a bug. I just read this; There’s currently only one split-screen option in place on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and that’s to have the screen split horizontally. When asked if there was a chance a vertical split option would be added, the 2K representative said “there are no plans to add vertical split-screen at this time.” September 13, 2019. I don’t know why Gearbox have chosen to do this when vertical split screen worked so well in previous Borderlands game. It’s very disappointing.

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Certainly seems like a willful exclusion to me. Poor decision. QA team must not have even booted up a splitscreen game. Maybe they will fix it. I don’t play this solo unless I’m feeding my split screen characters gear. At least I have a nice looking paperweight. This has been very disappointing as I’ve been gleefully excited for this game since it was announced.

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