Bug: Trial of Fervor Tinks get stuck in buildings

Today, while I ran Trial of Fervor, on two occasions (as I write this, out of about 6, so 1/3 of my small sample size) I got to the third mob clear, and finished all of it EXCEPT there was a tink (maybe an anointed tink the second time?) stuck in one of the boxes/hovels close to the front of that area (not the whole map, the third clear area after the forcefield). The place they got stuck was different on both instances where they did, but they were close to one another (and to the forcefield).

As a result, I had to quit out and couldn’t complete the trial.

If it matters, I’m on PC, was running lvl 50, M1, on Fl4k using Fade Away.

(Apologies if bug reports are supposed to go somewhere else. I didn’t think this really qualified as “tech support” if that’s where this belongs).

Here is where it was stuck the second time (where you see the red dot).

I’ve had a couple of enemies get stuck in a doorway - the black texture-less spawn openings - a couple of times. If they’re far enough back I can’t seem to hit them with weapon fire, but a homing grenade will usually do the trick - especially if it has a large AoE.

Here is where it was stuck the first time (Where my vault hunter is facing). It’s the metal box visible straight in front of the last photo.

Does electric or radiation splash damage go through the wall?

I tried using grenades. Didn’t have homing on me, but I used this, which has a REALLY big AOE with all the smaller ones. No luck. As you see, electric.

Dang! I wonder why they didn’t come out - perhaps a collision with another enemy in front of the door when it was supposed to open? (Pretty sure I’ve seen those doors physically pivot open and closed when ads spawn in. And, of course, they open outwards)


I’m using a rowan’s call for most of my kills, I don’t know if that could have caused an issue.