[Bug] Tvhm reset of missions caused me to be stuck on mayhem 3

I just completed tvhm, so I turned on mayhem 3, found out I’m not as good as i thought. So, I decided to reset missions, which caused me to be stuck in mayhem 3. The game quickly became unenjoyable, I dont have other players in my area to play with and I work swing. So just beating it agian is not a likely fix.

This all happened when my favorite nade legendarys and other stuff got nerfed.

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You should be able to disable it just like enabling it. It shouldn’t be permanent. Go back to the mayhem module and disable. I constantly go mayhem,non mayhem depending on what I’m doing. Mayhem is great for giving you a good indication of what a newly acquired weapon will do outside of mayhem mode. Take for instance my radiation butcher; I loaded up a game with the ideal penalties for the butcher. Minus shotgun damage,minus radiation damage. And the gun was still doing work. So much ,it’s my new main. Sorry for the long story,hope it helps.

I’m a PC player but I thought I’ve seen where changing the game difficulty will reset Mayhem Mode. So try going to “Easy” mode, launch and check for MM modifiers on your map. If reset, I think you can go back to “Normal”, or not…your choice

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Yeah switching between modes will disable too. Great point. ^

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No luck on that one. I just tried both ways, but the problem is I’m not great at the game and i dont have access to sanctuary. The difficulty reset seemed to work for a second then changed.